For Women: The MARA Project

MARA (which has a cultural meaning of ‘woman’) works with women being released from three of the Sth East Queensland women’s correctional centres. MARA has  an inreach program in custody and an outreach program in community.

Women are referred two ways to MARA. Either in custody or through the Community Referral Pathway from Community Corrections. If you have just been released, talk to your officer about a referral.

We’ve found women may reoffend if they lose consistent and trusted relationships, or do not engage with support networks and services, or do not have decent opportunities. For this reason, MARA’s seamless continuum of response, support and connection is such a valuable offering, and it continues for up to six months after your return to the community. 

How MARA works

MARA delivers the Women’s Re-Entry Program for South East Queensland, funded by Queensland Corrective Services.

Our inreach team contacts women in custody. The team helps a woman decide what she need, offers transactional support (information, applying for housing and Centrelink), and make referrals to the MARA outreach team. One of our outreach workers will then support the woman on the day of her release, and help her find ongoing connections in her community.

Resource and administration staff help both the inreach and outreach teams access information, resources and community referrals. That way, our workers can focus on building relationships with women, supporting them, and creating local networks for them. 

Why MARA works

  • We understand many women in custody have had complex and traumatic life experiences. Our diverse team has extensive experience in complex support.

  • We ensure our practice is holistic and women centred, so women are active participants in their own support.

  • We acknowledge the large number of women in the justice system who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and we employ a cultural advisor to ensure we connect to community in the most appropriate ways.

  • While we work flexibly and respectfully with our stakeholders, we are always strong advocates for the women needing support.

Contact The MARA Project

office phone         0436 010 755 



The MARA Project is funded by

the Queensland Government