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For Women: The MARA Project

MARA (which has a cultural meaning of ‘woman’) is a program which ensures women who are being released from correctional centres have the support they need to re-enter society. 


MARA consists of an in-reach program in custody and an outreach program in community.


A long-standing and well recognised program, the MARA program is delivered at a number of statutory locations in Queensland.


Our highly experienced team is dedicated to advocating for and supporting justice-involved/criminalised women. Every day we respond to their challenges, by listening and identifying their needs, and remaining agile, resourceful, relational and most of all, respectful.

MARA works because we:

  • Understand many women in custody have had complex and traumatic life experiences. Our diverse team has decades of experience in complex support.​

  • Ensure our practice is holistic and women-centred, and that the women are active participants in their own support.

  • Create a woman-worker support relationship, promoting trust and safety.​

  • Acknowledge the large number of women in the justice system who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and we ensure we connect to community respectfully

  • Are flexible and respectful with our stakeholders, but unwavering in our mission to support the women who need our help. 

Contact The MARA Project

office phone         0436 010 755 



The MARA Project is funded by

the Queensland Government

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