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Women are the centre of everything we do. 


We advocate for, and work for and with women to help them thrive.


Since 2013, SERO4 has developed and delivered successful, evidence-based programs through government and private partnerships. These programs are shaped by our deep experience working alongside women both in and out of custody. They draw on International and Australian contemporary research and continue to evolve in line with global good practice. 


Our programs focus on connection, wellbeing and education, to help women whose potential has been impacted, get back on track, change direction and have renewed hope. 


Our highly experienced team is especially passionate about the recovery and resilience of women who have been the victims of domestic and family violence (DFV). We understand that the impacts of DFV are far reaching ­­- impacting not only the victim, but affecting family, friends and the community. Together with our trusted partners we work to increase the knowledge and practice awareness of women’s capability in responding to DFV, improve access to quality supports and services, and educate communities.  


The SERO4 team is known and respected for our ability to deliver results. Our clients and partners appreciate our passion for identifying gaps and challenges in the human services sector, and developing practical, timely solutions.


Future-focused, SERO4 is always innovating to help improve the overall cultural, social, economic and political position of women in Queensland.

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