THRIVE microgreens

Our microbusiness THRIVE Microgreens grows high nutrient microgreens for sale to customers such as restaurants and cafés, community markets, small grocery outlets and individuals (‘foodies’) who love to cook at home. THRIVE Microgreens is also creating products that use microgreens, such as green smoothie mixes, pesto and sauces.

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We started with a prototype business, to ensure THRIVE Microgreens can produce a minimum viable product. We are mapping every part of the value and production chain, and problem solving any issues as we scale the business. In this way, we can share our learnings with women who want to start their own microgreen business in their local community.

Women will learn how to:

  • grow microgreens at a consistent production level, using lights and controlled indoor conditions

  • handle food in ways that limit contamination and ensure a quality product

  • calculate yields and costs in a rented indoor space 

  • market the product and establish a customer base (guided by a qualified horticulturist, a qualified teacher and a business leader).