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Learn how we can help

We help women work out ways to feel more in charge, so they can thrive. 

If you have had experiences that have impacted your life, where your connection wellbeing education and potential may have been impacted. We offer ways for you to get back on track, change direction and get things looking up.


We know you can thrive when you have:

  • a sense of wellbeing (in both body and mind)

  • access to education if you want to learn or train

  • finding a secure job with consistent pay (which means financial independence)

  • friends and other people outside the home whom you trust and can ask for help

  • opportunity to recover from trauma, and to feel stronger about dealing with problems.

In all these areas, our program -The MARA Project and The Women’s Wellbeing Project look to create deep change in women’s lives. That means you feel good about your new choices, and can maintain the life that you’re building. 

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