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a women-centred human service organisation

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SERO4 is a social service created by women for women. We are unique, trusted and reliable because we listen, advocate and respond with innovative solutions to help women and their families thrive.

SERO4 and The MARA Project have been selected as the new State-Wide provider of the new 
Women's Reintegration Service.

!!!!!!!      New Statewide Roles now advertised on SEEK (search term 'MARA')

Do women really belong in prison ?

The most common offences for women and girls are, traffic and vehicle offences, justice and government offences, theft and drug offences.

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One in three women were homeless or in emergency accomodation before coming to prison.

About 62% of women prisoners report having a history of mental health issues.

The proportion of imprisoned women in Queensland is much higher than the national average.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait women in Queensland prisons are over represented, 40% of women in custody identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

87% of women prisoners have been victims of child sexual abuse, physical violence,or domestic and family violence, 66% are victims of all of these types of violence against women.

Source: QCS Interim Womens Strategy 2023-25

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